Comment Craziness

Please Suggest New Recipes And Tell Us If You Have Already Made Any Of Ours!

14 thoughts on “Comment Craziness”

    1. Hello Chloe,
      Thank You For Leaving a Comment But I Don’t Think You Have Ever Made English Muffins And Ever Want To. But On The Other Things I Have Been Working On More Recipes And Hope They Come Soon. And I Have Been Working On Some Video Tutorials.

  1. Hello. It is the one and only Becca. I like the site. Its nice and fancy. I like food so its a good site for meez

  2. Charlotte Pascoe

    Hello Simple Home Baking.
    I think that your website looks good. The video is a nice addition. It would be better if you were to provide the recipes for the food even if there is no video. This would provide people with a basic recipe for the category.
    Charlotte Pascoe

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